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Albano Salon's legacy

Evolution is the result of constant exposure to an environment, adaptation and regeneration of characteristics that make us individuals. Inspired by beauty, Valentina and Jimena Albano Loaiza have managed to establish it as a world virtue, looking for it as a common goal and representing it as a philosophy of life. The two sisters know what can be accomplished with dedication and a humble human search for perfection. With many talents, they have found their paths in the art of styling.

Betty Loaiza's Profile

Professional, talented, successful, simple and friendly are some of the words that describe the character and personality of renowned stylist and image consultant Betty Loaiza. With over 25 years of experience, she continues to stand out in the world of beauty in a unique way.

Betty and her then-husband, Enrique Albano, founded Albano Lounge in the area of Hotel Venetur, Maracaibo, Venezuela, under the concept of holistic beauty. Holistic beauty links outer beauty with inner well-being to achieve harmony and perfect balance, providing a space where any woman's dreams can come true.

Given that beauty goes beyond skin and hair, since 2006, Betty has made an effort to highlight the importance of solidarity with the Suchon'Ni Tain Foundation. The foundation, which means "Children of My Heart," offers incalculable physical, social, educational and moral support to the dozens of families and hundreds of children living in a sanitary landfill just outside Maracaibo. Living in the worst of circumstances, these people were sheltered by this noble cause.

Through hard work, Betty managed to achieve one of her goals: building "Suurala Wuakuaipa" school for the most underprivileged. This effort has received recognition from the community, and was in the running for the CNN HEROES award.

Betty Loaiza's plans are very ambitious. Albano Lounge has a salon in New York City offering its line BL Cosmetics and Argan Queen, a whole range of handcrafted botanical products imported from countries such as Morocco, Italy, Greece and France. Betty's goal is to keep growing, expanding and making women worldwide feel beautiful and radiant.


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